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Mana Ako at Christmas!

The countdown is on for Christmas. So we’re getting ready for Christmas events and projects!

Today in Mana Ako Club we have started gathering information around some events and projects we’d like to have!
The projects I’m really excited about are the mysterious things we might be doing for Monday and Thursday! but one of the things I might be more excited about is baking!
Some things I thing I am really excited about is Making Brownies, Going to Parakai, Making Cookies, or leaving for trips!

Language is important for a Culture to maintain – Writing

Topic: Language is important for a Culture to maintain.

Dear Whittakers,

I was surprised to know you had used New Zealand’s 1st official language in the title of your ‘Creamy Milk’ Chocolate bars, and I’d like to acknowledge you for that as not many Companies are brave enough to step up!

But I do imagine you continuing this as ‘Language is important for a culture to maintain’, a reason why is because Language Influences the personal identity of those living within the culture, Meaning it’s what and how People can bring their Language to different places around the world.

One other reason why you used Te Reo Maori is good, is because it helps us Maori communicate better with you! We can acknowledge it between out Katiaki’s and hopefully it inspires other companies!

But now I just want to Thank you for completing that gesture

Nga mihi.

Mana Ako Club – Fresh Art Gallery

Last Thursday on the 15th of September us Mana Ako kids got the chance to visit an exhibition in Ōtara! It was called the Fresh Gallery!

Some things I want to mention from this trip is the amount of respect we got from the staff, their names were Dema and Rachel!
Huge respect to them as they were able to boost my taste in different types or arts!

Another highlight I wanted to mention was an art piece mostly portraying a females body which was named ‘Kagi’ by an artist named Nita.  It may seem a little inappropriate to mention but I really do think that was a good idea, because of the contrast of all the colours and how different the dimensions felt! The mediums the artist used were quite unexpected, she used oil paint + oil pastel + a layer of acrylic on the canvas!

But the overall conclusion is that I really did enjoy my stay there, and if I was someone to be a judge or even a person walking by I’d definitely rate this a 5/5!

Mana Ako Club – School break.

For this task, It was nearing to the end of Mana Ako for this term, it’s a very sad thing but who isn’t excited about the holidays?

But for now I’ll be explaining how I’ll be preparing for the school break,

What I looked forward to the most is going to college, being in college will make me feel like I achieved something in my younger years.

But some things I would’ve liked to avoid is really just shining.  People have that time were they want to be noticed but normal, which was me really.

Also something I don’t enjoy yet but is very good for me, is my school work and reading in front of a group.  I’m sometimes known to be shaken in times but I’ve learnt that in the darker times people read in front of a group, so people have had worse moments.

A Learning goal that I want to succeed is posting more often and getting better at my maths!.

Matariki Camp – Mana ako

On Matariki day, Mana ako club had a camp on Friday,Saturday, and Sunday at Houghton’s bush camp! We met so many new people including very religious kids! after all. .it was a christian camp, Mrs Tele’a was the famous cook of them all, meaning the food was really amazing!

on the very first day we got to be introduced in something called a ‘Chapel’, sharing our thoughts about Matariki and understanding the purpose of God and his Holy Son, but for our very first lesson was that we were able understand that we could learn our emotions through season’s, each season resembles something important in your life, for example how Winter and Autumn can bring hard moment’s into your life while Summer and Spring can help improve your Mental and Physical Health.

Overall the camp was really fun to participate in, many kids from all over Auckland!

Thank you Mana ako club for bringing me along to this camp in Houghton’s bush camp!