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Recount on Blake VR Experience!

Today Team 5 got to experience being underwater with a VR Set, or in other words, an Oculus.
It was a fun activity to start our week off, We got to go through 2 types of environments including A Bad Environment and a Good Environment, it was crazy to see the many sea creatures Like Snappers, Northern Gannets (Bird), Sharks, Stingrays, and so much more!.

Thank you Blake NZ-VR for giving us this amazing opportunity in Team 5!


What is and How can Make a Quality Blog Post?

For this task , we had to create a blog post for Mr Goodwin’s good Friend, John .  We had Learnt to add Label’s and make a better task Description!

It takes more then just a photo and some words to describe your blog post in many ways , Hope you have taken this advice and used it for something more!

Hello world!

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