Mana Ako Club – School break.

For this task, It was nearing to the end of Mana Ako for this term, it’s a very sad thing but who isn’t excited about the holidays?

But for now I’ll be explaining how I’ll be preparing for the school break,

What I looked forward to the most is going to college, being in college will make me feel like I achieved something in my younger years.

But some things I would’ve liked to avoid is really just shining.  People have that time were they want to be noticed but normal, which was me really.

Also something I don’t enjoy yet but is very good for me, is my school work and reading in front of a group.  I’m sometimes known to be shaken in times but I’ve learnt that in the darker times people read in front of a group, so people have had worse moments.

A Learning goal that I want to succeed is posting more often and getting better at my maths!.

One thought on “Mana Ako Club – School break.

  1. Hey Atawhai! That’s awesome that you are looking forward to going to college and enjoyed being a part of Mana Ako this term. Hoping that your holidays have been going well and looking forward also to getting stuck in to some maths and getting more confident around speaking to the class when you come back next term. Nga mihi Atawhai 🙂

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