Matariki Camp – Mana ako

On Matariki day, Mana ako club had a camp on Friday,Saturday, and Sunday at Houghton’s bush camp! We met so many new people including very religious kids! after all. .it was a christian camp, Mrs Tele’a was the famous cook of them all, meaning the food was really amazing!

on the very first day we got to be introduced in something called a ‘Chapel’, sharing our thoughts about Matariki and understanding the purpose of God and his Holy Son, but for our very first lesson was that we were able understand that we could learn our emotions through season’s, each season resembles something important in your life, for example how Winter and Autumn can bring hard moment’s into your life while Summer and Spring can help improve your Mental and Physical Health.

Overall the camp was really fun to participate in, many kids from all over Auckland!

Thank you Mana ako club for bringing me along to this camp in Houghton’s bush camp!

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  1. Hi Atawhai! Love your camp reflections you were a blessing!! You were amazing always participating and answering questions even being brave to share your PEPEHA with the whole camp! Thank you & Bless you Atawhai x

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